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PTA Bans Cordless Phones as They Disrupt 3G Frequencies

Pakistan telecommunication Authority is running a drive to curb the usage of cordless phones as they disrupt 3G services in the vicinity. Authority has termed these cordless phones illegal and said that no body should use them for their homes or offices.

PTA said that these phones are mostly dumped by European countries into places like Pakistan as they had started causing disruption in 1800Mhz band that run 3G services.

Cordless phones manufactured in Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong and Japan operate in 1800Mhz band which is used by Pakistani telecom operators for 3G services.

Due to similar frequency these cordless phones disrupt 3G services in areas where they are used and cause serious trouble for cellular users.

PTA said that its Enforcement Division and zone offices in Karachi, Lahore, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar, Quetta and Rawalpindi have held several meetings with the officials of FIA, Police, Chambers of Commerce, trade Unions, Importers, Vendors and Sellers of telecom equipments in their respective zones to aware them about the issues caused by cordless phones.

PTA has warned importers, distributors, sellers and users of cordless phones, to refrain from selling or using these phones otherwise legal action shall be taken against them through Law Enforcement Agencies including FIA.

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