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Student Information System (Open Source)

We perform current state, future state and gap¬†analysis to define the exact scope. The following is our approach for customization and enhancements of openSIS: Research – Immerse ourselves in your school’s operational processes, learn about pain points, deficiencies and what is needed to make you productive and successful. Analyze – Translate the results of our… Continue reading Student Information System (Open Source)

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KOHA Chapter: Introduction

ILS is an automatic library management system. In which maintain all library functions such as, acquisition, materials of library, inventory library like books, computer files, journals, serials, lecture or informatics cd`s and etc. Therefore ILSs were known as an “automatic library system”. ILS today software can do different tasks at once. Any trusted user can… Continue reading KOHA Chapter: Introduction

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Proud to be part of IQRA.

HEC Ranking 2014 announced on 25th May 2015 Congratulations to all students staff and faculty We were moved from Business Category to general category because we offer multiple disciplines but we managed to retain our ranking of best private sector university In Fact we have out performed LUMS Remember that universities can only be placed… Continue reading Proud to be part of IQRA.