Working KOHA


We have Implemented the KOHA for IQRA University Islamabad for the purpose of Library Management and learning more convenient. Many library professionals have felt difficulty to install Koha due to lack of knowledge in Linux. Live DVD is a helpful tool for easy installation of Koha. Koha live DVD contains Ubuntu Linux operating system and latest version of Koha library management system. Promotion of Koha among library professionals is the main aim of this initiative. Koha is ready to use after the installation of live DVD. Following are features of Koha Live DVD:

  • Koha customised for ready to use
  • Zebra server enabled
  • Customised MARC fields in cataloguing
  • Customized KOHA With IQRA Univeristy Islamabad
  • Build on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Sample reports
  • Easy installation
  • Detailed read me file.

Technical Details
Operating system: 12.04.5 LTS (32&64-bit)
Koha version: 3.14 

Click here for download  Demo

1.1 What is an Integrated Library System..?

Integrated Library Management system is an automated library management system. It is accomplished of managing the Library operations that’s are basic functions. Integrated library management system in which maintain all functions of a library operation such as billing, materials of library, tracking other items that is in library like books, computer files, journals, magazines, cd`s and etc. Orders made by faculty Librarian, students and also even patron or librarian management. So that we can say that ILSs were known as an “automated library management system”. Before use any automated library management system, these usually used a library card cataloging to key the books and others serials. Now a days, computer is used to automate this cataloging card and also then it became known as the “automated library system”. As the globally internet is fast growing and libraries are require more automated services and great new Integrated Library Management system created to advance by several corporations. These automated new ILS are developed of many structures based on the intranet or internet.

 ILS today software can do different tasks at once, for example: Acquisitions, cataloging, tracking, circulation and serials. Now a day’s most jobs are web based. Any authenticated user can use this software from anywhere in the world. This means major ILS systems now offer web portals where users can connect library to see their account, renew books, and be authenticated using online databases. In any integrated library system there are generally two interfaces, one is for guests and the other is for administrators. In the operation of the library system of a user / member / patron and library Librarian is different. A user can search for a book, see the list of available books, may issue book, renew books, the book may contain, can print the send list, can change his / her information (owner information). But a team can store bibliographic (books, CDs, DVDs, magazine, etc.), Library actually record database materials can create database boss, order a book, buy a book, can check the list of Price and others.

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